We accept insurance

If you have health insurance that covers acupuncture, we have you covered. We will direct bill insurers and you will only pay us your co-pay when you come for a visit. If we cannot directly bill your insurer, we will give you a superbill, and you can submit that to your insurance company for reimbursement. To find out if you are covered by your insurer, go ahead and book an appointment, fill in the paperwork sent to you, and we will confirm your coverage before you come and see is that easy!

Our rates are reasonable

We have a simple fee schedule for our patients who pay at the time of the visit: $65. This includes the first visit where we spend extra time with our patients, understanding their history and employing thorough examinations to get at the root of their condition. Subsequent visits are the same price and all visits include an herbal assessment, if appropriate. Herbs do cost extra and the costs depend on what is recommended.

Book right now!

You can easily book your appointment right now by using the online form below. Or if you would prefer, please call one of our wonderful staff members at (619) 881-0029 and we will be happy to book an appointment over the phone.